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Product & Solution Services
At TSYL Vision Sdn. Bhd.we provides a wide variety of insulation, sealants and construction products such as;
Air-Conditioning Materials
• Aluminium Foil Tape
• Double Sided Fire Retardant Aluminium Foil, Damper, Air-Conditioning Grille
• Fibreglass, Fire Resistant Adhesive, Calcium Silicate Board
• Gasket / Foam Tape
• G.I. Coil, G.I Sheet, Perforated G.I.
• Non-Stick Insulation Pins, Plain and Pre-Insulated Aluminium Flexible Duct
• Rockwool Insulation
• Duct Sealant / Contact Adhesive
• TDC Corner 
• Low VOC products and other products related to air-cond operations
Building Materials
• Batten For Roof ‘ C ’ Channel Trust
• ‘ C ’ Channel For Partition
• Decorative Door
• Metal Door Frame
• Electrical Products such as wiring cables, tubes and other accessories